US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 92

It’s all about the look It has been proven time and again – a unified style brings tranquility to a bath environment, and Gessi knows just how to deliver it Above: A long soak in a hot bath is one of the simpler luxuries in life. The Gessi Rettangolo tubs coordinate with all the other Gessi Rettangolo fixtures and fittings to bring a crisp, contemporary look to the bathroom. With its open shelving, it can be personalized to match your decor. Right: Gessi’s freestanding tubs enhance the sense of a private retreat. 90 Elevating the aesthetics of a bathroom design depends on the coordination of all the elements, both large and small. When the total look melds seamlessly, the result is an experience of tranquility, quiet pleasure and wellbeing. Because Gessi supports the idea of the home as a place where everyone’s lifestyle can be fully expressed, the firm has curated a collection of search | save | share at bath furnishings that fit with the Total Look Concept. This concept, launched by Gessi, ensures that everything you consider for your bathroom – from statement showers, tubs and sinks, to the most subtle soap dispenser or towel bar, shares the same fundamental aesthetic. Yet, by offering such a huge range of products, in a variety of models and