US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 90

Above: Powder rooms lend themselves to dramatic looks. This room features a wood veneer wallpaper that creates a 3-D look. The white vanity top and basin provide a visual link to the rest of the house, which is light and airy. Above right: This wood vanity was chosen to balance the all-white walls of the bathroom shown on the preceding pages. Modern lighting sconces are decorative, rather than utilitarian. 88 Palumbo says other key trends include the increasing use of trench drains in showers. These are less obtrusive and allow a flush entry, with no step or curb. LED lighting is another popular option today, as homeowners look for energyefficient alternatives. “Bathroom lighting is also not as utilitarian as it once was. The modern bathroom is search | save | share at a living space – a place where people go to relax – and the lighting needs to reflect this. Consequently, a lot more thought goes into the choice of fixtures.” There is one bathroom in the house that stands alone, however, and that is the powder room. Palumbo says these are the most fun spaces to design. And because they are occupied for such a short time, they provide an ideal opportunity to be a little adventurous. “They lend themselves to dramatic treatment, be it bold color accents or interesting fixtures and wall coverings. The powder room shown here features a wood veneer wallpaper with a distinctive 3-D effect.” save | share | video Search 43293 at