US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 87

Upon reflection There are several key trends influencing bathroom design today, and they all reflect the desire to create intimate spaces that are tranquil, private sanctuaries Design trends for bathrooms rarely change overnight, but there are clear differences when you look back over the past decade. Jennifer Palumbo, a leading Boston interior designer, says homeowners are still wanting to create a sense of escape, but the look is a lot more streamlined and crisper than in the past. And it’s the materials that are leading the changes. “In recent times there has been a proliferation of largeformat porcelain tiles,” says Palumbo. “These have had a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of modern bathrooms. The large square, rectangular and plank-shaped porcelain tiles are very cost effective and provide a sleek, clean-lined look. They are often paired with natural stone tiles that help to warm up the space.” The designer says two key styles have emerged in Boston. On the one hand there are designs for the classic New England houses with their traditional architecture, and on the other, designs for the everincreasing number of high-rise apartments. “Bathrooms in the older homes reflect a more international influence, compared to a decade ago. The owners are Preceding pages: This bathroom in a Georgian house features contemporary fixtures with a traditional sensibility. The exterior wall is lined with decorative wateretched tiles. All the bathrooms on these pages were designed by Jennifer Palumbo. Facing page and above: These two bathrooms, in a vacation home in the mountains, reflect a sense of escape. The master suite shower is lined with colourful wave tiles. search | save | share at 85