US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 76

Curb appeal and privacy don’t always go hand in hand, but this home achieves both, and at the same time maximizes a picturesque view out to a lake. Designed by architect Charles Stinson AIA of Charles R Stinson Architecture + Design and built by Streeter & Associates, the home is beside a park on a lakefront that attracts many visitors in summer. “Privacy was obviou sly an important consideration,” Stinson says. “To provide this, we designed a three-level home, with elevated living areas and a garage tucked 74 underneath. We also wanted to create a dramatic entry that would provide an easy transition to the raised living area.” The architect says this was achieved by placing the entry at the halfway point between the lower two levels, and glazing the double-height void. “At night it is almost like walking up to a lighthouse. We also created a floating roof at the front of the house, which gives it a very sculptural look. The roof is pulled away from the entry, which allows sunlight to pass through. search | save | share at “The geometry of the house may look complicated, but in reality is really quite simple. It also fits with the height and scale of the homes in the neighborhood, albeit in a very expressive way.” The intersecting horizontal and vertical planes that define the architecture are a signature of Stinson’s homes. The roof, walls and first-floor balconies appear contiguous, wrapping right around the upper level of the house to create a sense of enclosure, while simultaneously framing the views from inside.