US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 73

Look twice Stone facings from Natural Stone Veneers International add lasting beauty and character No matter whether you are planning an exterior wall, interior project, fireplace or water feature, thin natural stone veneers provide a highly versatile and appealing building material. Natural Stone Veneers International, Inc (NSVI) manufactures Canyon Creek™, an ideal design solution for both traditional and contemporary residential projects. For the house featured at top left, designed and built by JR Custom Homes, the owner desired a collected look, with a design that reflects California, Florida and Midwest architectural influences. The resulting mix of natural stone defines the outdoor living spaces. For the great room in the contemporary residence at left, designed by JKimber Design, NSVI’s Canyon Creek natural stone is teamed with zebrawood floors, and cherry wood cabinets. A signature stair well and a large fireplace with a tall natural stone chimney are key features. Because NSVI natural stone is sliced thin, it is light, which saves installation and shipping costs. It also negates the need for heavy structural supports. The stone is highly durable, scratch resistant, colorfast and weathers beautifully. NSVI offers more than 60 product lines quarried from around the world. These are categorized into 11 collections. For more ideas, high-resolution photo galleries, and to download the 40-page catalog, visit save | share Search 44761 at This page: Stone facings from NSVI enhance these homes. Photography by Alan Gilbert Photography search | save | share at 71