US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 70

Above: Let me entertain you – the lower level of the house is fully equipped for entertaining on a grand scale. In addition to a threesided bar, there is a separate home theater, a catering kitchen and a mini basketball court. The stone columns have been roughly mortared to create a rustic, textural look. Doors on either side of the vestibule at the back of the bar lead to two wine cellars – one stores red wine, while the other stores white wine. 68 end. These bring a sense of scale to the cabinetry. “They also add character, and serve to hide the main work area from the family room on one side, and formal living room,” says Engler. The cabinetry has an off-white glazed finish, with moulded bead doors and traditional pulls that enhance the old-world look. Other features include a French Provincial-style hood and a tall black cabinet with antique gold detailing concealing the refrigerator and freezer. Much of the entertaining in the house takes place on the lower level, however, where there is a catering kitchen, large bar area, separate search | save | share at home theater and mini basketball court. “We chose to made a feature of the massive stone structural columns on this level,” says Erotas. “To introduce a rough, textural element the mortar was spread thickly over the stone and later treated with a blow torch to give them an aged look. The arched stone vestibule behind the bar has doors on either side leading to two climate-controlled wine cellars – one for red wine and one for white.” The owners can also entertain outdoors. The house has an outdoor kitchen area with built-in grille, and a shaded alfresco dining area.