US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 68

Above: The visual impact of the entry is further enhanced by a large rotunda-style entry hall with a domed ceiling. The hand-painted dome features a radiating shell-like pattern, edged with a bright blue border. Three types of marble on the floor reinforce the circle theme. Above right: Designed by Laura Ramsey Engler, the interior is not imitative of a century-old manor house. It has a more evolved look in keeping with modern sensibilities. 66 is another distinctive feature of the interior. This incorporates extra-large beams with a circular centerpiece and a large chandelier. Silvery taupe walls and antique accessories are complemented by a custom handmade area rug in silk and wool that ties together the various tones. Arched windows echo the form of the wide arched openings between the various living and dining areas. These openings provide sightlines through the house and ensure there is an easy, relaxed flow to the circulation areas, in keeping with modern lifestyles. “A lot of attention was also given to the search | save | share at white oak flooring,” says Erotas. “It includes parquet in the hallway, and a 3ft square Versailles pattern in the formal living room, which creates a variety of textures.” Other key rooms on the first floor include a gentleman’s study, which features stained wood beams, alder millwork and wainscoting. “This room has a deeper, richer palette of materials, and a look influenced by menswear suiting,” says Engler. “A suede fabric was used to upholster the walls.” The large kitchen is visually anchored by a long island that has raised upstands at either