US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 67

portico supported by large stone columns. Inside, a lowered ceiling immediately beside the front door creates a sense of intimacy and welcome. Beyond this is a large rotunda vestibule with a marble floor and an ornate domed, hand-painted ceiling that features a shell-like fan pattern with a bright blue border. Interior designer Laura Ramsey Engler says the owners wanted the house to have a very enduring, classical look. “They are a young family, but they didn’t want everything in a hurry. They recognize that some things take time when they are crafted by hand. At the same time, however, I believed it was important that the interior offer a youthful, fresh take on tradition. Because the owners are young, I felt the design and furnishings shouldn’t be too stuffy or formulaic. “For example, the domed ceiling, with its radiating pattern is a classical derivation. But the bright blue accents break away from the tone-on-tone neutral palette that defines most of the interior. Because this is a circulation area that you pass through, it’s easy to be a little more adventurous with the design.” A coffered ceiling in the formal living room Above: The gabled roofs, large overhangs and eyebrow windows enhance the old-world character of the house. So, too does the heavily textured Chilton blend stone that forms the exterior walls. The slate roofing mixes three colors in a random pattern. In contrast, the distinctive tower elements and feature standing seam copper roofing that will gradually acquire a patina over time. search | save | share at 65