US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 59

main circulation area. Sunlight is angled down the travertine, creating changing shadows. Another defining architectural element that helps to link the interior with the outdoors is the position of the steel structural columns around the perimeter of the house. These are set back several inches, so the glass doors slide past the columns uninterrupted. “When you disengage such elements from each other, you lighten the feel of the architecture,” says Pali. “It is as though the roof is just sitting on these two pillars. This gives the house a clean, uncluttered look.” Left: Soft mauve-gray walls give the master bedroom a sense of tranquility. With gaps, like deep reveals, between the glass pavilion and the two other wings, the house can be ventilated naturally. The structural steel columns on the perimeter of the house are positioned several inches inside the glass, which helps to lighten the architecture visually. search | save | share at 57