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Top and right: This room in the guest wing features two vintage day beds and a collection of framed photographs and art works. Above: The master bathroom continues the eclectic look – an antique clock has become a medicine cabinet. The marble vanity sits on steel legs that give it a ’30s feel. A walled garden outside the bathroom guarantees privacy – Siskin has avoided window treatments throughout the house. Another room, which can be used as a guest room, features two vintage 1930s day beds, a collection of framed photos and art work, and a replica wooden rifle. The designer’s collection of antique chemistry glass bottles and flasks is also displayed in many of the rooms, including the master bathroom, which again mixes the old with the new. save | share | resource list | images Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Eric Lagnel 28 search | save | share at Search 44856 at