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Preceding pages: The great room follows the shape of the house structure for a voluminous feel. A stainless steel staircase leads to one of two master suites. All furniture pieces in the room were created by contemporary artists. These pages: Carpenter Mike Jarvi gave the cabinetry in the master suites in both buildings a crafted, hand-worked feel. Scallops were carved out of selected wood surfaces for a textural finish. 14 While these twin forms are slightly taller and longer than the nearby barns, they have a similar footprint. They also look like classic farm buildings, with steep hip roofs and white stucco siding. On the facades facing the barns, Vinci has designed windows and doors to be in proportion with those in the century-old dairy buildings on the property. However, this is the conservative side of the design. The exteriors that look the other way are essentially Modernist walls of glass, punctuated by two-story inserts. These facades are only visible from the fields. search | save | share at Entry to the large living space is by a door half-way down the long side of the volume. The old-world farming environment outside gives way to an airy, modern interior. “You walk directly into the double-height, central living room,” says the architect. “This has a dramatically high ceiling that follows the steep pitch of the roof and is supported by exposed, painted steel beams. Dormer and clerestory windows flood additional light into the enormous space. Beyond this great room are the large kitchen and dining area, while at the other end there is an office.”