US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Vol. 30/8 - Page 111

tiles, the diagonal layout creating another oldworld accent. Overlay style cabinet doors and the drawers on the vanity, dressing table and storage cupboard are also appropriate to the aesthetic – as are the ornate mirror frames and wall sconces. The shower stall at the end of the space also has a soft arch, tying the bathroom and this zone together. Another bricked-up window in this area remains blocked to ensure privacy. The architect added a panel of marble tiles set on the diagonal over the old brickwork. This contrasts with the straight-set tilework that lines most of the stall. The panel is framed in small mosaics, forming a link with the interiors of the wall niches in the tub alcove. “While most of these rooms are open to each other, the shower and toilet area does have a door, with a full-length mirror. When this door is closed, the leafy outlook is transformed into a reflection of the passageway that runs through the spaces,” says Javore. resource list | images | plan Above: A bricked-up window in the new shower stall remains blocked, for privacy. The architect introduced a rectangle of diagonally-set tiles over this area. The mosaic border around the panel is echoed in the wall niches in the bathing area and similar minute tiles form the stall floor. Foor tiles in the bathroom are laid on the diagonal – another classic touch to the refined master suite. Search 44539 at search | save | share at 109