US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 73

homeowners can expect a reduction of about 25% in heating bills. With Warmboard, they can see this figure improve by another 15% or more, due to our products’ superior conductivity. “Radiant heating is also ideal for those who live with allergies or asthma. There are no noisy fans to blow allergens, dust or pathogens through an otherwise healthy interior.” Instead of heat collecting on the ceiling and making upstairs too hot while downstairs remains cool, radiant heating ensures an even temperature throughout the home. It is easy to control and adjust on a room-by-room basis. By using the zoning feature, occupants can optimize comfort in some rooms, while turning down the heat in others to conserve energy. McCord says this means Warmboard offers an eco-friendly heating solution for your home. “There are several radiant options available. For warming small areas, like bathrooms, electric mats under tile keep your feet warm. But when you want that cozy comfort throughout your home, along with the lowest heating &