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Warm hearted Healthy, cozy and highly energy efficient, radiant heat paneling presents an intelligent home heating solution. Warmboard offers advanced options, including a hassle-free retrofit product for remodels Above: This home looks the part in a winter wonderland, and its occupants enjoy comfortable, even heat due to the inclusion of Warmboard-S, a modern radiant heating system. The water-bearing tubes in the high-tech panels are coated with aluminum for rapid conductivity, which translates into highly responsive home heating. 70 Family health and comfort rank high on the list of priorities for any remodeling project. Thanks to technological advances, retrofitting an interior with radiant heating is one way to ensure both – and save money at the same time. Warmboard is a leading provider of radiant heating panels in North America, says brand manager Ross McCord. “Radiant heating has been popular around the world for many years, but until recently it had attracted only a small market in the United States,” says McCord. “However, times are changing and Warmboard’s high conductivity view article online at and ease of use make it easier to install and enjoy this efficient heating solution for both remodels and new builds.” The company sells two products, one for each scenario. For new homes and additions, Warmboard-S serves as a primary subfloor and radiant heating panel, installed in one easy step. Warmboard-R is for remodels where it’s easy to install over an existing subfloor or slab, as well as on walls and ceilings. “People choose radiant heat primarily for the levels of comfort it offers,” says McCord. “An added benefit of radiant heat is that