US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 68

Above: Antiques feature extensively in the house, and include this 18th-century bureau imported from England. The mirror, lamp and bowl are also antique, and are arranged to evoke the past, rather than to faithfully re-create an era. Above right and far right: The master bedroom and guest rooms are in keeping with the architecture. The rugs are reminiscent of handmade quilts, while the wicker chair and iron bed are antiques. 66 The living room continues the restrained approach, but with an added element of refinement. Like the entry, the room features wall paneling with simple mouldings. Gissler says local building codes prevented raising the ceiling heights. While initially this was of great concern, the end result gives the house a more humble, authentic look that is consistent wi th the more renovations at historic colonial character. The interior also features many antique furniture pieces and accessories. These are arranged in a very edited way to evoke the feel of a bygone era, rather than to re-create a particular period, says Gissler. “We looked high and low to find these pieces. They give the house a very comfortable, lived-in feeling as opposed to slick, new pieces that would not have been in the spirit of the house. Similarly, the upholstered furniture was custom designed and manufactured especially for the house. “Essentially, it’s a very tranquil, private residence that expresses the personality of the owners – the warmth comes directly from them.” View, save or share this story at