US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 56

Top, above and far right: In the kitchen, a large bay window with banquette seating duplicates the original design. Most of the appliances are integrated to retain the traditional look. There is a second smaller kitchen (far right) on the lower level, which can be used when the owners are entertaining. Above right: The living room incorporates many traditional features as specified by the original architect, Neel Reid. 54 The architectural heritage of the house is a passion for owners Evan Lindsay and Dr Nancy Cox, so there was no question they would embark on a rebuilding program when the house was destroyed by fire and subsequent water damage. And as the house is in a heritage neighborhood, it was also a legal requirement that the exterior stay true to the original design. more renovations at “The front and sides of the house were the only pieces retained,” says Dixon. “These facades were propped up, like a Hollywood movie set, while the rest of the house was demolished and completely rebuilt, from the ground up.” Working within the exact same footprint, the architects were able to almost double the floor area. Much of this space was gained by opening up the basement, or terrace level, which opens onto a landscaped courtyard. This accommodates a guest suite, workout area, home theater, storage, and a small kitchen for entertaining. “We were also able to build an entirely new level in the attic space,” says Lindsay. “This houses another guest suite, a cedar closet, and an office for both of us, with a large partners’ desk.”