US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 54

Design history revisited To rebuild this historic Tudor house after extensive fire damage, the architects referred back to the original architectural drawings by Hentz, Reid & Adler Preceding pages and above: This rebuilt Tudor house has retained its original character, but has been updated to better suit modern living. At the rear, the new basement terrace level opens up to a landscaped courtyard. The screened porch and garages were also rebuilt. Facing page: From the street, it is impossible to tell the new from the old. New clay roofing tiles were custom made to match the profile of the original tiles. 52 Rebuilding a home damaged by fire creates an opportunity to improve on what went before. For the owners of this historic Tudor house, it also meant they were able to build the house closer to the original architect’s specifications. Todd Pritchett and Craig Dixon of Pritchett + Dixon, the architects commissioned to design the rebuild, say they were able to source the original more renovations at architectural drawings from the Atlanta Historic Center and noticed that some of the detailing had been omitted when the house was built in 1916. “In rebuilding the house, we have ended up with many details that are more closely aligned with the intentions of architect Neel Reid of Hentz, Reid & Adler – one of Atlanta’s most renowned architects,” says Pritchett.