US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 51

- PH. CARLO BARONI KRONOS KSOUL DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY OF QUARTZ MADE IN ITALY SINCE 1979 w w w. s t o n e i t a l i a n a . c o m i n f o. u s a @ s t o n e i t a l i a n a . c o m New York, NY: (631) 864-3000 Baltimore, MD: (240) 456-0792 Detroit, MI: (248) 247-7177 Los Angeles, CA: (310) 967-8000 Toronto, ON: (905) 264-9242 Quebec, QC: (418) 338-0005 MEMBER OF GBC ITALIA KLOVE KLIFE KWORK KPURPLE