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Above: Entire shelving units can be raised at the touch of a button with the new Cinetica cabinetry collection designed by Yaarit Sharoni of ODA for Bazzèo by NYLoft, and seen here in the New York showroom. Cinetica’s raised shelving replaces conventional upper cabinets. Right: When the Cinetica shelving is lowered, it allows an unobstructed view within an open-plan living space. It also means the cabinetry can be placed in front of windows. 48 Sustainability is another bonus, with the cabinets presenting the latest advances in green design. From recycled and regenerated wood from certified resources to nontoxic laminates, aluminum, glass and technical veneers, products used by Bazzèo may contribute towards specific LEED credits. And every cabinet is made in the USA, at the company’s view article online at New Jersey factory, so clients can rest assured they are doing their bit for the economy. For more details, contact Bazzèo by NYLoft or visit the showroom, 6 West 20th St, New York, NY 10011, phone (212) 206 7400, fax (212) 206 9070. Email: Website: View, save or share this story at