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eliminated and the living space is not compromised,” says Aviv, the creative mind behind Pandora and Cinetica. In the Pandora cabinetry shown on these pages, a large wood tabletop can be pulled out at right angles to the island. And four stools can be wheeled out from within the island to provide an instant dining suite. There is also a swivel television stand that can be raised from within the island, and the cabinetry hides drawers and shelving, so there is still plenty of storage. Aviv says elements can be raised or lowered individually, or all at once, with a one-touch button. Cabinets are customized, and are available in a wide variety of finishes, including wood veneer, Corian, natural stone and lacquer. Facing page: This sleek kitchen blends seamlessly into the wider living space. But it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that spells the difference for the Pandora cabinetry line, designed in collaboration with Ryoko Okada of ODA and just released by Bazzèo by NYLoft. Above and left: The island opens up to reveal a concealed tabletop, four stools, hidden drawers and shelves and a swivel television stand. All images by Antony DiPrimo. view article online at 47