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Hidden benefits Now you see it, now you don’t – push-button technology and eco design are at the heart of the new Pandora and Cinetica kitchen collections from Bazzèo by NYLoft Space is often at a premium in lofts, apartments and city homes, and it’s usually the kitchen that’s compromised. However, all that is about to change, thanks to an innovative cabinetry line just released by Bazzèo by NYLoft – a multi award-winning USA manufacturer of high-end, eco-friendly designer cabinets. Bazzèo has teamed up with ODA – Office for Design and 46 Architecture – to introduce the Pandora and Cinetica collections. Bazzèo founders Ana Sternberg and Iko Aviv say Pandora rightly conjures up the mythological Pandora’s Box. Unlike that box, however, this Pandora’s Box opens up to reveal a host of good things, says CEO Ana Sternberg. “In many homes today, the kitchen is an integral part of an open-plan living area, view article online at and people want to conceal the more functional aspects. They want cabinetry that integrates with the entire space – and they don’t necessarily want to see appliances, faucets and cooktops. They also want to maximize counter space. Pandora and Cinetica provide an ideal solution.” It’s the ultra-modern design technology that makes it possible. At the simple touch of a button, from smartphone, tablet or wall panel, entire shelves and small cabinets are concealed into the kitchen island or perimeter cabinets. Even faucets and cooktops can be installed with an automated system that allows them to vanish from view, freeing up space on the countertop. “Being able to conceal the more functional aspects of the kitchen means clutter can be