US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 107

with many inconsistences,” the architect says. “I felt it was better to start over, with new doors and windows, and whitepainted shutters that enhance the coastal aesthetic. It’s a very clean, fresh look that complements the cottage style of the houses in the neighborhood.” On the interior, Hidey removed a central fireplace to open up the great room. The existing bay window – the only original window that remains – was remodeled and is now a key feature of the room. The kitchen area was also absorbed into the great room to provide a social center for the family. “The island may be of a small scale to suit the proportions of the house, but it is very effective at creating a buffer between the living area and kitchen,” Hidey says. Shaker-style cabinets teamed with gray quartz countertops and traditional hardware complement the authentic cottage feel. And new radius-curved openings to the hallway provide another nod to the traditional vernacular. “The ceiling in the hall is much lower than in the great room, and this difference is disguised behind radiused openings,” says the architect. “The curves also add character and introduce a little nautical attitude.” The architect extended the hallway to link up with the end bedroom, which is now the master suite. The office is open to this passag R