US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 105

was in a separate room. And the flow was not ideal – the rear bedroom was reached through a second bedroom-office space.” Hidey says the position of the front door, at the side of the house, was also awkward – guests were squeezed into an unappealing 3ft-wide alley space. The architect consequently moved the entry to the front right side of the house, where he created a transitional lobby space. The entry now lines up with the stairs leading up from the street, and creates a much stronger sense of arrival. Before Above left and left: This beachside bungalow has undergone a major transformation that has greatly improved its curb appeal, as well as its functionality. The original entry (left) was out of sight around the side of the house. This has been moved to the front, with the front door now perfectly aligned with the stairs leading up from the street. The renovation was designed by architect-owner Robert Hidey. Above: The front door now opens to a small transition zone, or lobby, lined with wainscoting and decorated with an antique railway clock and antiqued lighting sconces. more renovations at 103