US Home and Architectural Trends US Home & Architectural Trends Vol. 29/11 - Page 101

style I admire for its simplicity – the Smallbone by Devizes cabinetry is called Mandarin. There are no wall cabinets, because the ceiling height is only seven feet. Instead, cabinets are either undercounter or full height. The countertops, like the fireplace mantel, are honed limestone.” Upstairs the original master bedroom has been turned into a walk-in dressing room for the new master bedroom. As head height was limited, the latter has a shaped ceiling that corresponds to the roofline. Extra volume has been gained for the room by dropping the floor slightly, so that you step down into it. Above: The master bedroom was the first part of the recent renovation tackled by the owner. This was built on top of the single-story addition made in the 1960s. The original, smaller, master bedroom is now a walk-in wardrobe. A feature of the room is the expansive window that takes in the woodland views. Left: A toilet cubicle was added to the bathroom and the space was lined in limestone for a more luxurious feel. more renovations at 99