US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 7

7. Review college admission and SAT & ACT testing dates. Consider completing the test prior to departure. You can re-take these, but at least you won’t be caught without a score if deadlines loom. 8. When transferring credits, you may need to advocate for your child. For example, maybe your child didn’t take a course in nutrition, but a health course might satisfy that credit requirement. Negotiate any credits that won't transfer. This process can be more flexible than it seems. Sometimes classes that don't match up exactly at the new school can still be credited as a similar class that the new school does offer. Schools will usually work with you to get the most out of your children's credits, especially if it might affect their graduation dates, so be polite but still assertive. 9. Different grading scales and weighting systems won’t change established letter grades, but may impact GPA. For example a 91% in DoDEA is an A, but in some districts it is a B. The letter grade will remain on the transcript, but the numeric grade may be averaged into overall GPA and identified per the new school grading /weighting standards. If weighting negatively impacts AP or honors placements, work with your guidance counselor to seek a possible remedy. 10. Check the school calendar. It might be easier to transition into a class between quarters / semesters. 11. Be sure to request recommendation letters from your current teachers, coaches, and special program sponsors to use later in college applications as well as for program access in the new high school. 12. Don’t forget that even though they are grown, leaving behind friends impacts high schoolers. DoDEAEurope high schools offer Student Ambassador programs that will help your child acclimate to the new school. Request a Youth Sponsor. Some teens may balk at first, but once they get that email and can ask questions of a peer, they are grateful. The SLO webpages offer an online youth sponsor request. See your SLO for questions and assistance in connecting with a youth sponsor and student ambassador. DRIVING IN EUROPE If you are coming to Europe with a high school student, don’t forget to consider your plans for a drivers’ lice ͔͡ݥݡɽ)ݡѡ䁱ٔȁAՉɅͥЁͻeЁ́ѥհ)Ёхѕͥѥ́́ɽ!ݕٕȰ)ѥ݅ЁȁՑЁѼٔ̽ȁݸɥ)Ѽٕ̰ь%ͽѥ́ѡ!Ĺѥ٥䁉́ȁѡѕ́ьͬȁM1<ݡЁ́م)ȁѥ eѠMM٥́ͼ́ɥٕȁՍѥ͕́ͽѥ̸)ȁɔɵѥȁѼ͔ͥ٥ͥ) eLAɕЁ ɅM٥̸Qٽչͅхѕͥɥ̰Ё́٥͕ѡЁȁݥѠхѕͥɵн͔ԁ)ѼٕՅ䁝ЁѡUMIUH͔Qɔɔѡȁɕɥѥ́)ѥँԁݥѠɵаԁݥѥѼЁхѕ͔ͥɥȁѼѥUMIUH͔Qɥ́ѼA18)Iͽɍɥ٥ɽɥٕϊd5ՅɵUMIUHAɅѥѕ)ɥ٥%х)=хUMIUH͔ M!A մ1)A((((