US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 3

School Transition Check List Europe INBOUND This checklist should serve as a guide to assist you in planning your child’s upcoming school transition. Not all items required in all situations. Contact your School Liaison Officer [SLO] for assistance.  Birth Certificate / Passport  Immunization Record  Notify your current school registrar and child’s teacher of upcoming PCS (Minimum two weeks prior)  Complete withdrawal paperwork  Health Records/ Sports Physical   Legal documents (i.e. custody papers)   Sponsor’s Orders ( OR Verification of Employment Letter, Contract, Personnel Action )  Proof of Command Sponsorship  Copy of Transcripts/Cumulative Folder to hand carry Request Current Official Records/Transcripts Contact your current School Liaison Officer (SLO) for information & assistance with this transition and make contact with an Army Europe SLO at your new location.  REGISTRATION Step ONE: Complete Online PRE– Registration with DoDEA See User Guide for help. This registers you to the community schools. Once you know which school your child will attend you will need to finalize registration with them.   Report Card REGISTRATION STEP TWO: Register with the school. Ask SLO about possibility of downloading new school’s registration packet and forwarding to school registrar to complete prior to arrival OR complete in person at the school upon arrival. Students may start the day after registration is complete.  Withdrawal Grades / Progress Reports  Request appointment with new school’s guidance counselor.  Current Schedule (Especially important for HS students)  Test Scores & Formal assessments  Up to date Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, IFSP, ESL records as applicable  HS Teachers’ letters of recommendation  JROTC or other activity records  Sign up for before/after school care, youth sports, & other activities through CYS Services. You can have registration transferred to new post! See Parent Central Services for details!  Ask school for work your child can do during move.  Return any equipment, texts, or library books to school.   Housing assignment letter, off post lease agreement or lodging receipt to determine school zone. (Be aware that if attending school when in a hotel, you attend the school zoned for the hotel. ) Close out your current school lunch account. You will set up a new lunch account with the Exchange upon arrival. You can apply for free/reduced lunch online one you registered with the school . You will need a DoDEA Student ID#.  Contact information for current school  If you are due items such as yearbooks, you may need to leave postage to cover shipping.  Contact information for two local “emergency contacts.” You may need to identify someone in your new command to be emergency contacts until you make new local friends to identify.  Ask the SLO about extra curricular and sports try-out information.  Request a youth sponsor online on your SLO webpage.  Free or reduced lunch status documentation. (if applicable) Your eligibility can travel with you during current school year. OR you can just re-apply online once you are registered here. Housing allowance is not included in total income overseas so you may qualify in Europe, when you didn’t in the USA.  Log onto “Military One Source Military Youth on the Move” for tips on how to make this transition easier.  Find out how the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Milit \H[[[[YYYHB