US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 19

School Lunch Accounts  If your child will be attending a DoDEA school,* be sure to stop by the AAFES Exchange customer service to set up a pre-pay lunch account. AAFES Student Meal Program Information  You can also sign up online for My Payments Plus which allows you to get a trigger email if your child’s lunch account is low so they never are caught without lunch money. Go to SY16-17 For state: select “EXCHANGE (EX)” Full Reduced Free Adult MS/HS $2.75 $.40 0 $5.50 ELEM $2.50 $.40 0 Lunch PRICES FREE AND REDUCED MEAL APPLICATIONS ALL student meals are subsidized by the USDA. The rate of support var ies by qualif ying categor y. By participating in the free or reduced price meal plan you increase the rate of reim bursement the school receives from the USDA and thus save the s c hools m one y! Applications are completed online making the process easy and quick! Only one annual application per family r equired. Sim ply go to the following link to appl y.        Receive confirm ation of application status typically within 24 hours. Your child’s lunch account is automatically updated to reflect the free or reduced price status for the rem ainder of the current school year. Applic ations m ust be m ade annuall y. 3% of approved applicants are randomly selected to take part in an annual verification process. All students including those who qualify for free or reduced price meals need a lunch account to participate. If you are eligible for free or reduc ed lunc h now and are PCSing m idyear, you m ay wish bring your documentation of eligibility because 䁥)ȁѡѥɔ͍啅ȁѕȁݡ͍)ѡՑЁѕ̸ḾЁͥ)ѼЁɕ䁽ݕٕȸ)eԁ9=PՑͥ݅́Ё)ѽх䁥ݡхѥɽͼ)́ѡЁeЁՅхѕͥՅ䁥)ɽ()!հ)L=ɕ)IՍѥ)ե(͔ͭФ)5Յ)UM9ѥM)1չAɽɅ()A((((