US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 17

Planning to PCS before school is out? Some school districts will allow your child to complete additional work prior to departure in order to “close out” the semester with a final grade and full credit. DoDEA schools allow this, but you may have to inquire if this is a possibility with other school districts. Even if it isn’t normally done, many schools will work with you, you just need to ask. This is only done when PCSing close to the end of a semester. If you are making a move during the school year, it is advisable that you inform the school as early as possible in order to explore options that will not negatively impact grades. HS students most especially have specific issues that your guidance counselor can assist with. It’s best to connect your old school with your new location in Europe. Contact your SLO for assistance in making this connection! If you aren’t in the window to close out a semester it is vital that you get a copy of your child’s withdrawal grades to provide to the new school. Your SLO can assist you with any questions or concerns you have as you prepare to make this move. Non DoD Schools Program (NDSP) Some duty stations in Europe do not have DOD schools in some or all grades. Dependent students in these locations are served by the Non DoD Schools Program (NDSP) which provides access to English language educational options. This program is not available to local civilian hires. Most NDSP supported locations are remote or in embassy locations. There are two Army Europe posts whose high school students are served by NDSP. High School students at Camp Darby, Italy and Garmisch, Germany are served through the NDSP program. ( Elementary and Middle School students attend DoDEA schools in those locations. ) There are additional options such as homeschooling or boarding school, but the vast majority of high school NDSP students attend Internationa 662FR&V7V6VVG27W'BE56F22&R6VvpB&VG26VB&WfWrWfVb7W'B&"F56rFE56FFRV&VB&6W722&B&R6Ɩ6FVB6bRfRv667GVFVBB&PVFrFRbFW6R6F2V6R&R7W&RF6F7BFR666Ɩ6ff6W"426276&RbRfR&FW'2F&VFR6F"V&776F7BFR&גWW&R&Vv4W"46VwVFRRF&VvF2&6W72E5&w&ࠤE5&VFFࠤE5&Vv7G&F6V6Ɨ7@