US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 15

10 TIPS for PCSing with special kids 1. EFMP: If you are active duty be sure you are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program and have completed overseas clearance. 2. Preparing your Child: If your child doesn’t adapt well to change, have a talk about your plans as soon a possible. Don’t drop everything in one discussion, bit by bit provide information. Give your child time to digest the news and start to come to terms with the upcoming changes. Helpful links:  Exceptional Family Member Program  Army Med. Com. EFMP  Procedural Safeguards (Parent Rights - Special Education)  EDIS  Special Needs Toolkit  DoDEA support directory  DoDEA SPED Procedural Guide.  Free online special ed. courses for parents and teachers  Respite Care  Military One Source  STOMP  Wright slaw  Special Care Organizational Record  Organizational Record  DoDEA-E Special Educator Resource Directory 3. Planning : Waiting until the last moment to gather information, documents, advice, etc. isn’t a good plan. Meet with your child’s teacher or case study team to discuss goals and requirements for your child. Contact your SLO to help you identify the POC for special education at your new school. If possible, set up a time for a “warm handoff” teleconference between the two teams of educators. 4. Gathering Documents: Be sure to HAND CARRY all documents. An up-to-date IEP is vital. Your new school will have to honor the IEP upon arrival. If the IEP is expired the entire process will have to begin again! The school will likely do a re-evaluation within the first month or so. Having copies of previous evaluations will be extremely helpful if there is a divergence of opinion. The Special Care Organizational Record (SCORE) may help you keep all your information in one place. RgW&GW&R6WFb&&FRrW"6BF6VV7B6RbFRFV2FBvvvFW"&fFR'&vB7F6W'2R6"FWBFR&W2W"6N( 2&6vVFV2&RFVƗfW&VBRr&vBvv6FV2v2W"&F2vrPFvWBW"6N( 2FV2WBB6WBWV6ǒrfVV&RBRW"WrV'FW'2b6F6&RbW"6Bv( BFvVvFFR6gW6FBfrF'&w266FW WFƗrW&ǒ6&R"fRR&VBFVvFFRfRBFRFW"7VBFRvFFR6BॖR6fRW"6B&Vv7FW&VB526W'f6W2BVƖv&Rf"W&ǒ6&R&Vf&RR'&fR6F7BW"6&VB6VG&6W'f6W2f"FWF2"vFu"ƖR6W'f6W2Rv6&R&RF66W72WF7'G2W762B7FfFW2F&Vv526W'f6W2FR6W"W"6@2ffVB6WFrFWfRFRV6W"FRG&6Fv&RrFWCgFVvVvR&R'W7vFfrBBWBbFV2vRF( BW7FǒfR7FV FWG2FR7&V6RfG26G2B7Vv'27BW"6N( 2&Vf"&R6v旦BbpW"6B&V7G2FfBBR66W266&FvǒfRfWrFV2G&rf"F6PFW2FBR&V( B&W6VFVBvFvB66Rf"V666BbW"6B27V6f0FWF'VVG2rRFRFfBvBRVVBW"Wr6VGࣂFV6SrW'6VbBW"6B&Bb66VRF( BƖR6vRB2&W7VB`FRGW&fR'&w2FVW'2f&R"7FF&G2VVBF&R&VVB&BN( 2࣒R6V7F36F7BW"4"&ג6VG6W'f6Rff6RFfBWB&WB琧7W'Bw&W2f"&VG2vF6֖"6VvW2&WVW7BWF76"f"W"6BF&VvFRƖRƖ6FW"7N( 246FRGFGVFR6G&VgFVvWBFV"7VW2g&GVG2bR&6WfW'522GfVGW&RRv&fFRW"6BvFfVVƖrb6fWG( bBFB&R6vFB&RN( 0B6'&&^( 'WBbBFB&R6rB7FrƖRFRv&B2VFrvVFw0F( Bv66&FrF( bwVW72vV6R2&RƖVǒFfVVFBv6r6R4DETDRBvRf"V6W"52BW"6BࠥtPP