US Army Europe K-12 INBOUND PCS Handbook Aug 2016 - Page 11

Interested in DoDEA High School Sports in Europe? You’ll need an up to date physical! Most fall sports start training in the summer. For more information, contact your school’s athletic director through the main office#. Contact your SLO for more info.  DoDEA Europe Student Athletic ‚Y[‚\X[ܛ\ \ܛ\X\Y Bܝ]Έ\ \\ܝ‚[H^O“UԈ[ [][\X\–[]ܝܘ[Hٙ\HYB\Y]HوXܙX][ۘ[ܝ܂[[[[] X[H[[]YX[XܙX][ۘ[ܝ™܈Y\ LN\H]Z[XK[Y][ۈX\ۈ^K[]ܝ[ٙ\H\Y]Hق[X[ۘ[[X˂ܝ][\HHܙX]^H܈[Z[YXZH]Y[B۝X[\8&\\[[[\X\ٙXH[[Hܝ^HBQBLB