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I've got a pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a beach tote in the other. It's a season identity crisis; I'm not sure I'm ready to face the fact that summer is gone, yet I want to embrace fall with every piece of my existence. So what's the solution? Combine them while I can, with my First up, is a super fun, flowy tank top paired with some distressed capris. Such a fun outfit for shopping or just hanging out with some friends having coffee. Do: Add a nice cozy sweater that can be taken off if the sun starts shining. I also added some knee high boots to a pair of skinny capri denim and you would never know they are capris! I DO THIS ALL THE TIME! People think that once the leaves fall they have to pack up all their capri jeans and leggings, I say heck to the no! Throw some boot socks over them and some combat boots or just sport Now we have something that every woman should have in her closet, a LBD (little black dress). This dress though, I need this dress for everything. It's elegant yet flirty, simple yet unique. If you don't have at least one simple black dress in your closet you need to literally stop reading this immediately and go find yourself one. There are so many things you can do to these to change them up. Ok so actually finish reading this first and then go buy one. This dress is perfect for a night out, ohhhh those summer nights. But hey, you want more life out of that little dress you possibly paid a pretty penny for. Literally all I did was throw a denim jacket, cute wardrobe. Not only does my summer wardrobe get a longer lifespan but it helps me cope on days when it's 50 degrees at 9am but 80 degrees at 4pm. So I'm here to help give you some Do's and Don'ts about transitioning your summer clothes into your fall clothes. some knee high boots and you have now just extended the life of those. If you are in a state like us where you only get maybe three nice warm months it will be well worth your money to extend their wear as long as you can. Don't: Be afraid to mix it up a bit. I wasn't sure how the destruction would look on my jeans once I added a tall boot. But it actually worked really well. Play around with the right length boot for your body. If the boots are a hair short throw some scrunchy boot socks on there and boom, added length. little crocheted scarf on it and some combat boots and boom! A whole new look has emerged. Do: Get yourself a denim jacket. This will be a piece in your wardrobe that will do you favors. Denim jackets are all the rage right now but they also are one of the most versatile items you could own. Putting one with an LBD will always be a good choice. Don't: Get a jacket that doesn't flatter your body. You may think you need to get a jacket to be bigger, you know to hide things. DON'T DO THAT! Find one that complements your ass-ets. Some are cropped, some come in different colors, some have flat collars. Find the one that screams your name and don't look back! Fall is my favorite season. Always has been. I love the rainy, gloomy days. The big bulky sweaters, boots and beanies. Just always remember when layering not to get too crazy. You don’t need a scarf and hat and belt all on the Next, this super light, graphic tee paired with some short shorts is just one of my favorites. The bright flowers are fun and it's a light fabric for those hot days, but can it be worn in fall? Duh! One of my favorite transitions was this outfit. Nothing says fall to me like some leggings, cozy sweater and some tall boots. All in warm, autumn-esque colors. Do: Layer layer layer! Especially when we have days that sometimes have a 30-40 degree jump you need to rely on those layers to survive! Find warm colors that pair well with your skin tone but that you can Lastly, let's do the mini skirt. I know the pic doesn't make it look mini but let's just say one little breeze and my wonder woman knickers wouldn't have been a secret anymore. So here's a fun t-shirt tied up on the side (my new addiction) with a flowy mini skirt and some flats. Such a fun outfit for a hot day when you wish there was a breeze (but thankful there wasn't.) So what the heck do you do with a mini skirt on a day when the leaves are falling and pumpkin fills the air?! Put it with a soft, slouchy-ish sweater and more boots. Fun for a trip also mix with lots of other things. The olive color of the t-shirt is amazing paired with the mustard yellow sweater but also looks great with navy, burgundy and gray. Don't: Do too many things. The floral leggings I put with this outfit were a lot for the eye to process when mixed with the flowers in the shirt and the bright sweater. Once you put a tall solid color boot with it though it tones it way down. Don't be scared to wear flowers in the fall! They may all be dying but you will still be in bloom. Throw all the rules out the window. #renegadeforlife to the pumpkin patch or a little lunch date. Do: The slouchier the sweater the be