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spells, or job spells, I don’t do that shit,” said Brandon. “When you ask us to do a spell to make their living environments, as someone fall in love with you. well as their minds and hearts, You’re messing around with in preparation for the upcoming people’s free will and I won’t season of growth. It’s a time to do that. You can’t get away with shake off the doldrums of late that. As for money spells, I try winter and light the fires of creto make people understand you ativity and inspiration. don’t just get something from Spring Equinox, Ostara, or nothing, that’s not how the uniOestarra: March 20, 21, 22, or 23 verse works. So the money - Winter is now over. Light is inhas to come from somewhere. creasing. The day and night are It has to be taken from someequal in length at the equinox. where to give to someone. So Spring has arrived or is comyou may have a favorite uncle ing soon. Eostar is the time of that dies and that’s how you get fertility, birth, and renewal. The the money.” ice is thawing, and the growing Sarah agreed, “We don’t do season for plants and animals spells as much as you think. We begins. Growth is the theme of get asked a lot for love or monthe day. ey spells. We can help you do Beltane, May Day: May 1 things that welcome love into Beltane is the time of the maryour life not targetriage and union of the ing people. Not ‘I Goddess as Mother want Joey to like Earth and the God me’ but ‘I want of the Greenwood. It “When you ask us to do a spell to make someone to like is an ancient fertilme’.” someone fall in love with you. ity festival marking Brandon joked, the beginning of the You’re messing around with people’s free “There are always planting cycle. The people that want festival was to enwill and I won’t do that. you to give them sure a good growing a potion to make season and a bountiYou can’t get away with that. them fly around ful harvest. Beltane As for money spells, I try to make on a damn broomis light-hearted and stick.” joyful. people understand you don’t just get Brandon and Litha or MidsumSarah have a mer: June 21, 22 something from nothing, store that actually Midsummer is the sells “bewitching longest day and the that’s not how the universe works." supplies” for loshortest night of the cal witches. They year. Light triumphs, opened up Tabula but will now begin that has been accomplished Rasa after they struggled to get to fade into darkness as auover the year. supplies in the area. They cartumn approaches. The crops Brandon says because of the ry statuaries, books, incense, are planted and growing. The stigma that goes with paganpendulums, crystals, charms, woods and forests have reached ism in the area, many witches candles, herbs, oils, etc. You their peak fullness. This is the choose to stay solitary rather can find them on facebook or time of abundance for wildlife, than gather together and celon their website, http://www. including people! The holiday is ebrate, "There is a stigma about tabularasa-bewitchingsupplies. joyous. what we do. They ask me a lot com/. Lammas: August 1 - For the about the pentacles. They're cuThe local group doesn’t meet ancient Pagans, Lammas was rious. They want to know about as often as they’d like because a time of both hope and fear. it and if it's a real thing." of busy schedules and busy They held hope for a bountiSarah agreed, "I had co-worklives. But if you want more inful harvest and abundant food, ers joke about doing spells or formation on their bewitching but they feared that the harvest they tell me someone stole my activities, like their “Bewitchwouldn’t be large enough and car and point to a broom." ing Evenings” facebook page that the cold months would be They both agree the most as well to find out how to get filled with struggle and depriasked question is do you do involved and any upcoming acvation. At Lughnasad, modern spells? “Before you even ask, tivities. Wiccans also face their fears, I don’t do love spells, money concentrate on developing their (...Continued from last page). own abilities, and take steps to protect themselves and their homes. Mabon or Fall Equinox: September 20, 21, 22, or 23 - At Mabon, the day and the night are equal in length, in sublime balance. For many locations, Mabon coincides with the final harvest of grain, fruits, and vegetables. Mabon, also called Harvest Home, is the time of thanksgiving. The beauty and bounty of summer gives way to the desolation of winter, and the darkness overtakes the light. Samhain: October 31 or November 1 - For many Wiccans, Samhain marks the New Year and is the most important Sabbat. It’s the time to remember the ancestors, and the time to celebrate the harvest and all A Coven-ient Truth “Black” and “ White” witches captured in th e 1900’s Pictures of witches 90’s captured in the 18 Circle ceremony in the 1900’s witches Modern day d Sarah Lee Brandon an . of Bismarck Witches feminist movement from the 1960’s. Modern Day witches Brandon and Sarah Lee. Witch, Katelynn Alice Morgan, leads a ritual.