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October 12, 1974: Son of Sam Cult Killings Include Bismarck Woman Taken from whatliesbeyond.boards.net Written by Graveyard Bride October 12th is known by many practitioners of Thelema as Crowleymas because it is the birthday of Aleister Crowley, who was born October 12, 1875. Some observe Crowleymas by performing certain rituals. Others celebrate the day as they would any other holiday, with feasting, drinking and partying. But on October 12, 1974, someone allegedly honored “The Beast” by ritually murdering a young woman inside a church on the university campus in Palo Alto, California. Arlis Kay Dykema was born February 22, 1955, in Bismarck, North Dakota. She attended Bismarck High School, where she was a cheerleader and popular girl, but most importantly, she was a devout Christian, active in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). Following graduation, she continued to live at home while attending Bismarck Junior College and working in a nearby dental office. She continued her FCA activities, serving as a huddle leader – a college student athlete who works with small groups of campers. Huddle leaders must be fully dedicated to Christ, not only while working at camp, but in their everyday lives. Arlis did her best to live a Christian life and did not hesitate to spread the gospel at every opportunity. In fact, there are rumors the young woman attempted to convert several members of a Satanic cult in nearby Mandan, N.D. Satan was no stranger in Bismarck. Beginning in 1972, there was evidence of what locals and law enforcement considered Satanic activity in Hillside Cemetery, behind a Catholic church and near a synagogue. However, their favorite haunt seemed to be a wooded area with caves near University of “Son of Sam,” David Berkowitz, confessed to killing six people. He may have even been connected to the murder of a Bismarck woman in 1974. Mary, a four-year college founded and operated by the Catholic Church. According to Maury Terry, a former New York Post reporter, in his book “The Ultimate Evil”, a nun he interviewed remarked, “My students knew all about it. They said the cult used to kill dogs in back of there. She told Terry, “We have a large cross here at the graveyard and the devil worshipers used to creep up the hill to spit on our cross.” Several people living in a nearby mobile home community confirmed dogs had gone missing in the 1970s and some of them were found dead and mutilated in the woods inside what some described as a “magic circle.” On August 17, 1974, Arlis married Bruce Perry, her high school sweetheart and fellow FCA member, who had completed his freshman year at Stanford University, where he was a premed student. Following their wedding, the two set out for Palo Alto and moved into the Stanford dormitory for married students. Bruce was able to walk to class and (Continued on next page...) The Mysterious Unsolved Murders of Hinterkaifeck Farm By Michael Kashey Staff writer The most terrifying murders are those which are never solved. They are a sinister reminder in the limitations of human knowledge, and evil. After almost half a century, the Zodiac Killer remains unsolved. 128 years later the identity of Jack the Ripper is still unknown. However, one of the most disturbing cases takes place in one night on a small Bavarian farmstead at the beginning of the 20th century. On March 31, 1922 near the village of Kaifeck, a brutal murder took place. Sometime during that evening the five members of the ܝX\[Z[H[Z\XZY\H[Y]HX] H\HوX^JKBX[x&\Y\\H[XYۈوXX\[H\[Y]\[\XH[[Hܙ\[X^HYYX[\[H][ܙ\]Y\ZܚXHXY[Y\YH[][XK]]B\܈\ۘYN8'\\\Y8'H[HXY [[][ۈX\ۈHXYYBوHXHX\Y]H[ؚX HX[[[\HوH[YۈH\\[ X\Y[ ][H\ۘ[]\HوZܚXx&\X][[][ۈ[H[H][HY[B\\^Y]H\ۛHH\X[H][HXZ[\] X[H[ܚY\\H^\ B[][[Z[]\\[YYXY\ؘ[[Y[H[\وH[[JHY]\YY\X\[X]\[\[\[][ۜ\]\]\\X\[YYH\[Y[Y^Hۈ\X\\[\X[[[X][˂H\X[H\[[\Z[H^[XHXY[ \]]H\]X[\]]\Y \X[[\HYH]\HXY[\Y\ˈ[\œX\Y]]\[[\X]X[YBYH\[[ݙ\H[ ۈHYو\XH\H\[\[ \XH\YX\Y] [\ܘ[\YY[[\\BZ\YX\ˈHYH\X]X[Y[Y\]HZ\[[\[ˈ^[XH\[]Hۙ™[YZ]\][ܜ܈\Y[X\و\[Z[H\H]Y\Y܈[XH\ۈHY\˜[\]\ۈZ\[˂\]HHܜYX]\HوHܚ[YK\H\HH[[][XوH\K][^[۝YܙHH]\\H[Z[x&\][\XZYY\؈Y\Z[Z[X\X\[\š[H]XˈH\X[Y[XZY[Y[\H^HYܙHH]\\H]^\YܙHH]\\]X\H[Z[H[X\ܝX\ZYܜHY\ݙ\Y[XY[H\H]ۙHX][ˈH\˜[\ܝY\X\[X\[H]X[[[˜H[H]\\HY\\H\ݙ\YH[YZHBZY܈YY[H[Z[H[YH[YKHX[[Z[YY]H\YZ&\XZ[\[H[YHXKXHH[^\HXX]\\H\]]\[Z]Y\H]\\^YY]H\B܈]\[^\ˈ\\ۛۈ\ZYܜX[YYZ[[H\[HH[[^H[H]\YY[Y[Z[\Hً[]H\˜Y[\X\Y[\]HZ[[HYY[[Z[K\H[\و\\H[[H\Kؘ\B\] HXوۛۈ[]KX[\ۙ\وB]XۈZܚXK[H][XY[\B]\\XZH\ۙHوH[X[X\[Y]\\و[[YKݙ\H[\H[H]X\\]\][H\X[H[\XHH[B[\&\Y[]H[[Z[HH[H[[ق\ܞK\\ۙH^HYH\XZ\]X]H܂[\]]][ܘXH\H][[[ž[\ܜ˂