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religion purported to worship both Christ and the devil. The couple believed that when the world ended, Christ and Satan would collaborate, with Christ judging the living and the dead and Satan carrying out his orders. Berkowitz and Charles Manson were all believed to be members of either the Process Church itself or one of its spinoffs. Terry was also able to connect the 1978 death of John Carr at Minot Air Force Base to both the Process Church and Son of Sam murders. Carr, who was shot in the head at the home of his girlfriend, was initially listed as a suicide, but it Hillside Cemetery Beneath University of Mary, supposed turned out, John’s father, Sam Carr site of satanic cult activity. of Yonkers, was the inspiration for the term “Son of Sam.” Berkowitz told Terry have heard or seen something she shouldn’t the group likely killed John Carr, a diaghave,” he surmised. “They may have feared nosed schizophrenic, because of his bizarre she would expose them.” Either that or she behavior and the fact he was untrustworthy. discovered there was a person, or persons, Berkowitz also fingered Carr as one of the involved in Satanism, who, if exposed, would Son of Sam shooters. be greatly embarrassed and possibly lose a Terry traveled to Minot, N.D., where he position of authority. “Someone in Bismarck interviewed Lieutenant Terry Gardner of the okay’d this and someone had the hooks to get Ward County Sheriff’s Department, who had rehelp on the West Coast. This was a pretty soceived a book from Berkowitz during the time phisticated operation,” he insisted. “I think he was investigating Carr’s death. The book one of them was the law firm visitor. And one was the Anatomy of Witchcraft by Peter Hainof those two still lives in Bismarck.” ing and on page 114, Berkowitz (or someone) In fact, there were rumors in Bismarck had underlined the following passage: “The about well-known men and women who were shade of Aleister Crowley looms large in the members of a Satanic club that sacrificed area, but his excesses pale into insignifianimals and drank blood. cance compared to today's devil worshippers.” Brad King, a Bismarck dentist and forIn the margins, he had written: “Arliss [sic] mer classmate of Arlis Perry’s, recalled: Perry. Hunted, stalked and slain. Followed to “There were a lot of religious groups coming California,” and scribbled at the top of the through town at the time. I remember seepage was: "Stanford Univ." (Berkowitz later ing people dressed in priest’s outfits. But admitted the chilling notations were his.) instead of white collars, they wore red colMany scoffed at Terry’s claims and his lars and sported upside-down crosses draped response was: “Why would he [Berkowitz] make around their necks. I think they were called it up? He had no motive, no reason. He’s conthe Holy Order of MANS.” Nevertheless, he fessed to three murders, he’s not getting wasn’t convinced Terry’s theories concernout.” ing Arlis’s death were correct. King recalled Following his trip to Minot, Terry next being interviewed in his office by Califortraveled to Stanford where he retraced Arnia detectives just before he attended his lis Perry’s steps that led to her death. He 10-year class reunion. “The police heard a concluded that as many as four people were rumor that someone in our class had set up involved in her murder, including William an altar for her, but it was just a couple of Mentzer, and one or more cult members from photos of her along with other classmates Bismarck. Terry was of the opinion that Arwho passed away,” he said. lis did something back in Bismarck that conAround the time of his 30th class reunion, vinced the group she had to die. “She might King call ܁ɍЁ́M()ф Ʉ չѼͬѡɔ)ɕ́ѡ͔Ё݅́ѽѡɔ݅́)܁ɵѥ=Qé-ͅ+q%ЁeЁɥ͔ѡЁͽ)ݥѠͽɅ䁅ɽչȁɑȸ$eЁ܁$ɕݥѠѡѡ)ѡЁ݅́͡хɽ ͵ɍѼ ɹ$ɕȁЁݕɐɕ)ѽɥ́ɽչɔѡЁѥ)ٕ́չȁѡձ)ɥՅ́хݸѡɥٕȁѽ̸ Ёȁ͔$ѡ݅́͡Ёѡ)ɽЁѡɽѥt))5ѥͽ ͵ɍɕͥЁɵȁ卡ɽͽȁ) ͵ɍMхє ɕɕѠѡ)ɑȁɱ́A䁅Mх)ѥ٥䁥ѡɕЁаՅ䁅ͥ́Ց́ѡхͬ)ɅݸձЁѥ٥䁥 ͵ɍq$)ٔӊéͥѡЁ9Ѡ)фݕɔٽٕmAetɑȁ)ͽ݅丁=ٕȁѡ啅̰ݕٕȰѡӊé)ٕ䁑ձЁѼɽٔt)]QUѥє٥݅́Չ͡(ܰ䁥 ͵ɍݕɔͭѥQéѡɥ̰Ё5ѥͽ݅́٥)ѡѡȁ݅́ѡɥЁɅq)ݽձͅ胊a%ͽѡѡ́݅́)ɽչɔݗe܁Ёлdѡ)ѡ͔ݡ܁ɱ́ݽձٔͅ胊a%͡)݅́хݗe܁Ёи)܁ѡɥѕȁЁɵѥѡЁݔ)ed9Ѡх́ɔѕ)ѡٕͥ́ѥѥѡȁ今t)Iѡѥݡ́Ց́ݕɔѕѥѼɅݸ)Mх̰5ѥͽͅ胊q%Ё݅́݅ѕ)չѡɽ՝ȁ̸%Ё݅́ͼͥٔ׊eѡѡɔ݅́ͽѡ׊e)ѡɔ݅́ѡѡɔ]ݽձ)͕ɍȁɥՅ́ɭ́ѕɥ̸)%́ݗeͅѡЁѡmձЁtɔ)ѕ̸Ḿѕѡ)Ё̻t!ٕЁ݅́ͥͽ́卡䁍́݅́ѥ)ձЁ́ɹѡѥ٥ѥ́ѡɕ͕ɍɽи)-ѡѭͽչٕͥ䁕啔)݅́սѕ́ͅ她胊qQɔٕ݅́ȁ)ѥ٥䁽ѡչѥѡ͕́)Ё́ɕɕиQ䁍)ɕѥѼѡаѡյ͕́Յѥt))5ѥͽɕхЁݥѠ()5Q䁅ѥՕ́Ѽٔѡɔ)́ѥݕѡMMɑ́ѡɱ́A丁Q)ɽЁ̰́ͅѡЁ ɭݥ)ѕѼѥݥѠձЁ)5аՑ) Ȱ͡ѱ䁅ѕȁѡMMɑȁɕQ)ͽѥ݅́յѕQé)!ݕٕȰɑѼ5ѥͽݡЁ݅ͻe)յѕ́Ё́ ɭݥɕ镐ɽ ͵ɍɥ)͔ѕ٥܁ݡ݅́͡ݸ)͕ɥ́ѽɅ́٥Յ́ݡ)Q䁉ٕ䁡ٔٽٕ)5̸Aéɑȸ ɭݥ聥ѥѡ)ѡѽɅ́ͽ)ɥձЁѥ5и5ѥͽ)́ͅѽ͕́ѡѽɅq]) ɭݥ聥ѥѡѡѽɅЁɵmQet́ѡ)ѡЁ䁡ٔѡ٥ͥѽȁЁѡ)ɴѡ䁉ɔA݅́ӊe)ѥɕͥѡЁ ɭݥ聵Ёѡ)ͽݡ݅́9Ѡфt(((((()Mѱ䁅ѕȁѡ䁽ɱ́A݅)չɍѥѡ)ɑȁ͍ɥѡ͍̃qɥՅЁ)Mхt9ѡͥЁɅѥٔչݽ她ȁ)́ɕݥݥѠеɽՑɽȁم̰٥ͥ)ɽ Ёѡ嵉ʹeЁѡɔ)ȁٔѡ͔݅́՝ɽٕ́)啅́ɔѼѡ݅ѡ 酹ѥɕݽ͡)=ٕȀ啅́ѕȰѡѡ)չݽɽ9Ѡф́́Ս)ѕ䁅́Ё݅́ѡɱ䁵ɹ)́=ѽȀ̰аݡȁ͔݅)͍ٕɕ啅ٕ́ѥѥ)奕ѡɔѡ͕ɥ́չݕɕՕѥ̸(MɍQUѥє٥5Q䰁Q)ɕЁÁᅵȰ ɔ%Н́9̰QM)͔)5ɍ䰁Q ͵ɍQɥչMݸѡM)Qɥ Iȸ(9є ՍAݕЁѼ)͍Ё卡ɥЁ́ɕѱ䁅ѕ)ݥѠѡ QɅյ䁥!ѽQ̸!)ѕȁɕɥ͕́ݥٔٔ)ɕ((0