URBAN VIBEs SWERVEweekly 2017 - Page 18

KALIEF BROWDER STORY:portion of article)

In a headlined report by Democracy Now!, they called Riker’s Island a “A School for Suicide.”

In the documentary of this young mans story the world and politics was FORCED to take a look at the RIKERS island jail facility. What they quickly discovered was a racist slave type environment where even some of the C.O.s say "the inmates run this prison." They saw a system that was basically kidnapping minority youth under the "stop and frisk" law, i.e.: Green light to harass any non white child in NYC without any suspicion and eventually no time line. . Basically it is Guantanamo Bay with one way out: plead GUILTY TO CRIMES YOU DID NOT COMMIT.

im sure my unknowing readers would ask WHY NOT JUST plead GUILTY to reduce your sentence?

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