Urban Trendsetters Magazine July 2015 OnPointInk - Page 28

(Teedo) was born in Columbia, South Carolina on December 23, 1988. Teedo was given to him by the streets in 1995 because of his love for music and his street consciousness. A very determined individual, he started rapping when he started talking and every sentence was a rhyme according to his grandmother in 1991.

Teedo began ghost writting for various artist at the age of 12 and had 10 full albums writin out by the age of 10. His love for music never stopped even though he was in full time grind. As he got older, he ran the streets wild and took many loses with gains.

In High School, Teedo quickly became the hottest freestyler in school while linking up with all other artist

In 2010 Teedo was sign to We Better Than You Ent Though and later depart in 2011. Goin thru many changes in life including having a new son, Teedo stuck to music and created a new lifestyle Hoodunatti. H.elping O.thers O.perate D.aily U.niting N.ations A.ll T.ogether T.hrough I.

Teedo released his first LP Hoodunatti Growth February 2012. The CD was very succsesfull accumulating ove 10,000 downloads and sales

2013 started wit a bang with Teedo playing a small role as Snake in Money Power and Fame. Also, he will be in the move The Takeover in another small role through UNOVISON STUDIOS. Teedo released Ghost Tape via internet/CD and to this date we have over 8000 sales/views/downloads...

Teedo new EP entiled "HOODUNATTI: ANTICIPATION" was released in January 2015 and has accumilated over a total of 20,000 sales/ downloads