Urban Trendsetters Magazine July 2015 OnPointInk - Page 18

GFM: Is there a specific piece or style you really want to tackle? OPI: Realism and grey wash are 2 styles I really want to tackle.....there's always room for improvement.

GFM: In your opinion what are the most important aspects of a solid tattoo?

OPI: The outline is very important. Its the foundation. Without a solid foundation a house will crumble. You also must use quality ink. If it only looks good for a month or two, then whats the point.

GFM: What is the worse situation you have been in because of tattooing?

OPI: Slander is the worst part of being an artist. Others always trying to tear you down to make themselves seem bigger. But I don't sweat the small things, I'm a giant.

GFM: What’s the funniest situation?

OPI: When I think funny I can always see the face of the first timers when they are given their first poke with that needle and they see its about to get real. lol

GFM: What is the best advice you have ever received?

OPI My mother always told me to put God first and in the midst of it all, remain humble.

GFM: What has been the most rewarding moment in your quest for success?

OPI: The day I opened On Point Ink Tattoos and became the first black man in our area to own a tattoo shop. I've since used my facility to host several events. The most important was the 2014 Back to School Bash. We gave out food, school supplies and haircuts to the kids. It was a success and we plan to host the event annually.