Urban Trendsetters Magazine July 2015 OnPointInk - Page 17

GFM: What influenced you to become a tattoo artist?

OPI: I have always been intrigued by art and in love with making money.

GFM: What was your art history before tattooing?

OPI: Before becoming a tattoo artist I used to draw and not just on paper. Whatever I touched I left my mark, such as school desks, buildings, walls, roads and clothes. Drawing on jeans was my first hustle.

GFM: What is your favorite equipment to use when you do a tattoo?

OPI: My 1 of a kind Mickey Sharp Tattoo liner is my favorite piece of equipment. It helps make my line work super crisp.

GFM: Are you nostalgic about tattoo culture pre reality TV?

OPI: I like the fact that tattoo artists are now celebrities. What used to be a subculture is now a pop culture and I think that is amazing.

GFM: Looking through your work I don’t think there is a style you haven’t tackled. Do you have a favorite genre to work in?

OPI: I like to do cover ups. You have to choose just the right picture and position it just right. I love a challenge.

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