Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 63

annie iLONZEH From commercials and daytime television, to one of the hottest films of this summer Annie Ilonzeh is blazing a fierce trail for herself as an actress. Openly sharing emotions and aspirations, Annie pulls no punches. You started out on daytime television—General hospital to be specific, how would you say that has helped you evolve into the actress you are today? Yes, I did. Well, I actually started out doing a lot of commercials. From there I got the soap, General Hospital. I booked lots of commercials with my commercial agent Daniel Hoff, that was really what helped to propel me into mainstream tv. I got very comfortable on set—going into a room full of people all the time. Especially with commercials, there are more auditions. The rooms are full of clients, producers and the agency. Being on set all the time, I was booking a lot. I used to teach a commercial class, so I always say everyone has their own formula. You want to find out what that is. If two plus two equals seven for you, then that’s what it is. This is a very artistic approach, so obviously it doesn’t have to mathematical or right brain. It could be more of a left brain thing. I would learn how to change the temperature when I walked into a room, and figure out my own equation. From there I got on General Hospital, which was a great experience. Because you are shooting one or two episodes each day, it is very fast-paced. You had better be ready. There may be one rehearsal, then it’s time to move on and shoot the scene. If you are not satisfied, it’s not their fault--they have to keep moving. You need to make sure you are on your A game at all times. Nothing is really a practice—everything is the game, time to play. That really shapes that muscle to always be ready instead of lazy. You want to make sure you’re loose. URBAN | 63