Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 53

Demi Diamond Location: Milwaukee, WI Height: 5’4 Weight: 120 Measurements: 36B-24-34 Hobbies : My hobbies are cooking, drawing, doing hair on the side (I’m pretty cold with sew-ins), and watching Forensic Files on HLN. If you had to choose a between a rich ugly man and poor attractive man, who would choose? Honestly, I would choose a rich, ugly man. It’s no fun being with a poor, broke man. Plus I’ve dated a few ugly men in my life so looks aren’t too much of a big deal to me. Lol. What’s your most attractive feature? I would say my most attractive feature are my lips. They’re juicy and soft. Describe your perfect man: Everything that Idris Elba is, is the perfect man for me :). What’s the worst pick up line you’ve heard? There’s so many but the worst one of all: Aye! Aye baby! Aye come here. Let me talk to you! Aye! URBAN | 53