Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 48

k.d. mcnair from artist to deal maker Tell us how you and other members of Prophet Jones were discovered. I am originally from Baltimore, Maryland. I was solo artist before joining the group. All of the members of Prophet Jones were from different cities. Me and my mother went to an event in D.C. and we met a promoter who knew Stacy Lattisaw’s brother Jerome. That was my ticket into the industry. Jerom was already working on a project with Hollywood. Goldee lived in D.C. and Hollywood lived in Virginia. We all teamed up and made some music. Goldee sent the demo and the head of University Records Haqq Islam who had Mya and Dru Hill at that time, signed us. The rest is pretty much history. How did the group’s demise inspire you to pursue opportunities on the business side of the industry? It was my will to survive. After Prophet Jones, my life was a disaster. You have to remember that we went from being on the Billboard charts and 106 & Park... After all of those experiece, it collasped. We didn’t stick together as a group. We lost it all. So when I came back home, I experienced a lot of anxiety. I had to go to a counselor. I was really depressed for a minute. I could hardly eat. I was in and out of the hospital. In the midst of that, I found strength. I was not born in a home where people had money. My father had been in jail for most of my life. I was raised by a mother who didn’t have many resources, but she knew how to survive with the minimum. She still had faith and hope that there would be something better than the situation we were in. Even in the midst of being down and out over the group, I knew there was something greater for me. URBAN | 48