Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 44

How would you describe your musical style going forward? I would describe my style as being a fusion of pop, soul, and R&B. I feel like with my covers project it was a lot mellower—I am going for more of a pop/soul vibe with my original music What has been the biggest lesson you have learned so far as an artist? I have realized that I have to stop worrying about what other people think about my artistic creativity or being genuine. Quite naturally there will be things that people will not like; I may love those things. I cannot worry about that. I am really beginning to embrace my authentic self as an artist—one who creates. I believe that was the problem with me a few years back. I made music that I felt everyone would like; not necessarily what I was happy with. Can you name some of the artists you would like to collaborate in the future? Of course! I would love to collaborate with Calvin Harris, John Mayer, and Foster the People—which is my favorite band. I am definitely all over the place in this area, but that’s me as an artist. John Mayer is alternative soul, and then you have Foster the People who are alternative rock. I can’t place myself in one pocket. I know that there are a lot of cool people—both artists and DJs that I would love to work with in several different genres. Do you have aspirations outside of music within the entertainment industry? I am definitely interested in doing some modeling. I know that acting and modeling seem to go along with a career in music. I wouldn’t call myself a model, although there are some photographers that I would love to do a shoot with. As a person I am not the type to want to be in front of a camera 24/7. I am open to it, but I will have to see in time how I feel about that. Are you shopping a deal with a major label, or do you want to remain independent? I would say that is the goal and what we are trying to do right now—to be signed with a major label. I used to want to be an independent artist, but I really want to spread my music to the max. A major label is pretty much where it’s at. How happy were you when Universal Records retweeted one of your cover songs? I thought that was awesome! They actually did it four times! I am so grateful, and I think that was amazing. They really liked the covers, so hopefully other people at Universal will tune in to my music. I thought that was dope. That could be the label that I sign with. What is the most important thing readers should know about you? That I will always focus on being myself—real and organic. I am really going to try to put out music that people can relate to. I want to help others and bless their lives. If you want an artist that will speak to your life, trust me to do that. I am always going to stay true to myself. - BE’N ORIGINAL URBAN | 44