Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 43

alexis roberts a voice like no one else’s Can you tell us what inspired this specific collection of cover songs? I noticed a few years ago when I wasn’t taking music that seriously -- I began to upload cover songs, people really enjoyed them. I’m not sure if it’s just hearing music that is already familiar and having someone new recreate it. That is what I got the biggest response from; as a team we came up with the idea of doing an entire project of cover songs. The inspiration came from the reaction I received from everyone around me to cover songs, as opposed to my original music. I think it turned out pretty good! How do you feel about the response you are getting from your fan base? I think it’s amazing! The way I perform the covers—I make them my own. The phenomenal response tells me that once I do start dropping original music, people will love my style. I am already giving them a taste of my style through someone else’s song. That is a great feeling. What can your fans expect from you with regard to original music? In terms of my original music, fans will probably get to know me a little more. I create stories when I write. At the same time, my writing is a reflection of me as an individual. I expect my fans to learn more about me. I may come off as mysterious—I don’t share too much. I am hoping that my music welcomes fans into my little world. You did a video last summer for your song Play House. How will your forth- coming project be different from that? I would say Play House is a reflection of me during a very different stage in my life. Since we dropped Play house I’ve grown a lot as both an artist and person, so my new music will definitely indicate that. Play house was a bit dark—and very raw. I hope that at this point people will see a happier side of me. I want them to recognize the evolution that I have experienced over the past year. URBAN | 43