Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 4

URBAN BE’N ORIGINAL PUBLISHER | EDITOR IN CHIEF Mr. Joe Walker COPY EDITOR Trisha Vaughn ASSOCIATE EDITOR CONTRIBUTORS Octavia Bostick, Mr. Joe Walker, Bebe Palmer, Lashuntrice Bradley, Storm, Kaos, Shakeem the Dream, Amanda Jakes Miles, Patrice Rivers, Jae Om PHOTOGRAPHY Samuel Whitworth (Cover), James Brenaman, Aisha Allen This magazine is written by and for people who inspire and are inspired by urban culture in all of its forms . We don’t just write about the urban culture, we live it. Urban Magazine is published monthly by BE’N ORIGINAL ENTERTAINMENT. Reproduction or use of any part of this publication without written consent is prohibited. We assume no responsibility for the advertisements made herein or the quality and availability of the products herein. URBAN | 4