Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 33

I think a lot of guys in this industry are so used to being around girls who are here for it, they forget not every woman wants to be addressed that way. Many of us will find it demeaning and disrespectful. Also, I’m already not a fan of the unsolicited email. And I’m a writer. So, if you send me your music without me asking for it, the least that should be done is that it’s spelled correctly and formatted properly. You need to get it done by someone who knows what they are doing or it’s going to go really wrong really fast. Not only are you member of the world famous Wake Up Show with Sway and King Tech, you also freelance for several media outlets including Shadow League while expanding the reach of your radio station every week. You must have an amazing team. Yes! We are growing and it’s extremely exciting for everyone at Skyyhook Radio! Myself, Carlos Imani and Mr Mecc have the new show “Road Trippin” and even though it comes on 3x times a week and is so much work I’m having a blast with it. We laugh with our listeners as they commute home at the end of the work day and it’s a really good time! We’ve got new friends; Jerry Barrow, Fin The DJ and Idasa Tariq doing special segments with us. It’s just what you call fun! RSJ is still killing it with In The Midday With RSJ and The Wrap Up. We have our same core of dope DJ’s on Mixmasters and have even added a few of those guys; DJ’s JUSTDame, Illanoiz and Fudge to the Road respectively to our Road Trippin crew. We’ve got Big Ced killing it with “It Must Be Ced” and DJ Lord Jazz joined us recently for “The Connection” which is great as well. Our classic SHR shows; Fusebox Radio, The Cypher and The Going Way Back Show with Money B will all return over the next few weeks so we look forward to seeing our pals DJ Fusion, Miss Shugah, Money B and Empire J soon! Dres Tha Beatnik will be joining Empire Jay and myself for “On The Radio” too! And of course DJ K-Otic and I are still giving people reasons to get snuggled up for the quiet storm show Supreme Soul every Monday. As you can see, I love what’s going on with us right now! You had an allergic reaction before the shoot, are you feeling better? Thanks for asking. I’m doing better. With Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis you have good days and bad days until it gets regulated. It’s a weird auto immune disorder that comes and goes at will. You will see from the photo shoot that I did for you, when you have a flare up there is no rhyme or reason to it sometimes. I must thank Amy Sweeten from Salon 747 and Akil Bakari the photographer for doing the absolute most to make me look credible for the shoot givin what they had to work with! This is all still new to me and I forget sometimes what I can and can’t do. Something as small as a raisin bagel caused a reaction and the next thing ya know I looked like I was storing walnuts in my cheeks for winter. You saw my FB Live video on the way to the shoot. I looked normal right? It’s crazy how quickly that can change if you don’t do the right things to take care of yourself. We could have done the pics over but I appreciated Akil’s vision and honestly it’s a teachable moment. At the end of the day, if someone reading this figures out that maybe they have the same symptoms and go get it checked out then I think it’s worth it. Words by BE’N ORIGINAl Photos By Akil Bakari Photograpy// Hair By Amy Sweeten Of Salon 747 URBAN | 33