Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 30

or independent artists. That community didn’t have a way to be heard. No one took them seriously because they weren’t big enough names. They were just shut out of everything. I became a champion for them because I knew how it felt to have something amazing that deserved ears but no way for people to hear it. I went to the community and said if they took a chance on me, I’d take a chance on them. And, here we are. With that said, what would you say is the reason for the disconnect between underground artists and industry execs? The answer changes over time. One of the problems is the game became so over- saturated with unknowns that people began buying their way into the system. In my opinion, this has mucked up everything. So, now it’s even harder to find those dia- monds in the rough that I treasure. I think before, the executives didn’t know where to go to find these talented artists or they didn’t put the time in. Now they are inundated with artists to chose from. It’s also kind of hard because often the kids with the most ability just want to sit back with their feet on their coffee table because they know they’re dope. They think opportunity is just going to come knocking on their doors for that same reason. Whereas, a kid who is less talented but has ][YHܘ[\HوܝۈH\[\YHو[]H][[ۈو^X]]\]BY][]YH۝] \H[[\[[Y[[\]YH]][X\ۈHXK]8&\X]\HH\\&\[X\H][[HY]Z[œ]\HBY]H[\Z[Y[[\K[H\H[[ۙH[\XY ]YXH[[Hٙ\\\[^X]]\’x&[H\\\[YH[Hۛ[][X\\\YHH ]Y\BH۸&][H]H[Y[YH܈[HYXHx&Y]HHHY\x&[XZBܞH][H^\ˈx&[H[HZYHوܚ][H܈]^XX\ۋHYY]\HY[ݙ\H[H[XY][Y\]وH[K[]8&\H[YBܞHYZ[[YZ[^H۸&]ۛ]^H۸&]ۛˈ^H\H[X]][ܛۙX]\H^H\HZ[^HH[YKۛ[[وH[\ˈBX[]H\]H[\H\]\܈[HZ[ ]\[ۙH^X[HۛB[\]ۙH\[[[H]^H\K[H\HY [[H^H[\[ۙH\[[[H][HYܛۙˈ^H\H\[[\[H܈] []\[[H\H[۝[YHXZHH[YHZ\Z\[۝[YH[H[\H]]ۛ[][H\H[ܛۙˈ]8&\HBXYYܚ]HHX]\H[H\H^Z[X\YH[X][]L[ˈ^HX^H]H\[و\[][ۙHقHۙ\[\]^H[[[H\܈HX\HXY]܂YH\KHY&][^\[\KYH ]Y[OH[X\[H\[\œ\وH[\Z[Y[\[\[H[[\ܝ[[[H[]\\\܈^X]]K\HY[Z\؈\ۙHۘH^H\]وH ]8&\\H[\ \ܚXH[\8'X[XZ\'H[X[[]\\[[[ ][و\[ۈ]H\H[[X] ][H\[\H\H^B[HY\YKYH۸&]ۛ[Kx&[HXKX[XK܈[][ZH] [B۸&]ۛYH\ۘ[H[[x&\HZ[X[H[Z[X\H[]8&\\ܙ\X[ TS