Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 29

Tastemaker: skyy hook Skyy Hook is one of the most widely respected entertainment executives. Skyy champions underground artists, not only through written words for major media outlets, but also through showcasing their music through her independent radio station SkyyHook Radio and on Sirius XM’s Shade45. Skyy, tell us what motivated you to launch Skyy Hook Radio. I was already doing some shows that centered around introducing independent artists and without throwing anyone under the bus, I was kind of catching hell at that first radio station. I got up on my high horse one day and decided that I didn’t have to take it anymore. People were doing mean spirited stuff like erasing my interviews from the station hard drives. Or I would come in and every button would be lit up and pushed on the radio station console. They’d tamper with the phones so I couldn’t talk to people on the air. Petty stuff like that. I realized that I didn’t have to deal with it. I felt like I could do my own thing. So, I talked to everybody who was doing segments with me or who were co-hosts on my shows. Even though we were spread out across the country we had already managed to make it work. They were either kind enough or crazy enough to take the leap with me and I started the station. We created a place to do what we wanted to do and how we wanted to do it. That’s amazing. You have been a champion for emerging and underground independent artists, what inspires you to ensure there are opportunities for them? It sounds crazy because it was only about five or six years ago, but at the time that I started, there weren’t that many outlets who were willing to speak with underground URBAN | 29