Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 26

Twenty five thousand dollars is a lot of money to lose. People in the streets have been murdered for far less. Originally, when it happened I was really sad and depressed. I had just moved out here from Texas and the cost of living is three, maybe four times higher. In the long run, I actually looked at it as an investment in the business because throughout that process I learned so much... The second time around I was able to recoup six times over my original investment. Share with us the messaging of your new collection. The collection that I am showcasing now is called The Fruits of Labor. It is very significant to me. The tag line is that you have worked all year long, now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That really hit home for me because when it comes to fitness, they say that your summer body is made in the winter and the fall. I wanted to make sure that we rewarded those people who have really worked hard and made those sacrifices to really be able to enjoy it. There’s an underlying message even to people outside of fitness who have a lot going on. There comes a point where you have made all of these sacrifices and you have struggled, it time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You launched the Eyegasmic Brand without any financial backing, basically out of your own pocket. I funded every penny that went into production, marketing,and web design, The only people who were willing invest when I started were my parents, everyone else kind of laughed and chuckled. Nobody wanted to invest. Nobody believed in it until after the first year and now those same people are reaching asking for my help with their projects. I did a lot of research, making sure that I launched at the appropriate time and targeted the right audience. - BE’N ORIGINAL