Urban Magazine June 2017 - Page 25

eyegasmic brand CEO Brennon Jackson shares his experience and gives insight into his latest collection of swimwear for the world’s sexiest men. Out of all the possibilities in fashion, what made you decide on swimwear? I moved to Los Angeles from Houston about three years ago, specifically for the beach scene. When I arrived, day parties and pool parties were every day for us. As I was going to all of the different parties, with the social media craze and people posting pictures, I didn’t want to be seen in the same swimming trunks every time I went out. I started shopping around to buy different swimwear and I just couldn’t find options that matched my style or my needs. I originally started looking for a seamstress to make my own trunks just for myself. As I researched, I noticed that there was a hole in the market for stylish men’s swim wear that represented the Southern California vibe so I decided to start my own line. The clothing your company creates is visually stun ning, what were some of the challenges you faced in creating a new brand. First off, I have no experience or training in fashion, I just knew visibly and aesthetically what I wanted so the first thing was finding a vendor who could bring my vision to life without me using Adobe Illustrator or AutoCAD. I ended up using different wholesale manufacturing sites and we started requesting samples. As the samples arrived, I started seeing things that I liked and reached out to different vendors. As an entrepreneur, I wanted to go with the cheapest vendor and that came with its own struggles. I used a vendor out of India the first time and they bamboozled me…That was $25,000 that went down the drain… I took a different approach with another vendor with a local physical presence. I flew in about five or six times throughout the process to make sure the quality was there and everything went smoothly. It was a much better process. URBAN | 25