Out The Box So what’s trending around the world of food Buckle your eating pants because 2016 has been and is a year of extraordinary eating and drinking trends. With the growing popularity of foods on social media, technology at its peak, too many complaints of humans eating too much meat this year has seen some of the most awesome food trends developing. From the flavours we crave to how we think of food, the food globe is evolving. All you need is your fork and an appetite. 1 2 3 4 5 Women are brewing Bugs Seaweed Filipino Food Chef Delivered Meals Boys club no more!!! Beer manufacturers have been courting women for a few years, introducing new types of flavours in beer as well as new packaging but the girls have taken it one step further. Women are taking to the helm of the brewing industry especially in the U.S with beer makers such as Carol Stoudt of Stoudt’s Brewing Company & Nicole Courides of intercourse Brewing Company. Creepy-crawlies have been ‘de rigueur’ at night markets & street food stands for years, especially in places like Asia and Mexico. This year the concept has gone global. I’m told that bugs like crickets are a source of cheap protein… can’t quite get around this one as a foodie myself. A bug-focused restaurant in the U.K. is making a splash with cumin mealworm hummus & cricket, mealworm & grasshopper burgers. Seaweed is the new kale. Japanese & other Asian culture’s have been eating seaweed for centuries, but western nations are taking notice of the marine algae for its sustainability, high nutritional content and delicious taste. Not just good for sushi - seaweed is now being served with fresh fruit used in wine & beer & even haute cuisine. Korean and Mexican food is so last year & with global consumers becoming bolder in their culinary adventures the flavours of the Filipino’s has certainly kicked off! Filipino Food is sweet, salty and tangy and infuse elements of Spanish, Chinese & Malaysian food. Ordering food for home delivery from your favourite restaurant is so over and done with. 2016 brought out a new concept in home entertainment. Have your personal chef deliver meals to you or let chef cook up a storm in your own kitchen NB nevermind the fact that during medieval times in Europe, brewing was almost exculisively a woman’s role Bug Kitchen in Whales (Private Chef Balito & Neill Anthony - Private Chef) Not surprising then that Philippine Chef Margarita Fores has been named Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016. Seaweed is a nutritional powerhouse and in general has more iron than red meat, more vitamin c than citrus fruit and more vitamin D than milk. happy trending From My Heart to Yours, 12 urbanlifenstyle.com 13